Pencil tool

This tool is responsible for creating the floor plan sketch. It allows the freehand drawing of a room polygon (just draw like you were drawing on a paper with a pencil), and also after the sketch, the software will recognize the floor plan’s corners and walls. OrthoGraph always works on one room at a time, therefore one polygon can be created at a time related to each physical structure element.

The freehand drawing tool allows the creation of one closed room polygons at a time, but drawing walls step-by-step is also possible. In this case it is necessary to continue the floor plan drawing from the last corner where the drawing was ended (draw each wall like you were drawing with a pencil on a paper).

The more accurate the user is when creating the room sketch the better the system can analyze and convert it to walls and corners. During conversion OrthoGraph snaps each corner to the 15 degrees scale of the 360 degrees circle, which means each polygon segment will be snapped to angles having 15/30/45/60/75 etc. degrees to its neighbor.

When the first sketch is made, there are many tools to modify and advance the firstly to create a room polygon, even the measurements will modify the wall lengths, and through diagonals the angles will also be clearly updated.

There is an alternative way of creating rooms, we call that method ‘measure during sketch’. If you are drawing only one line during the sketch phase, you have the opportunity to set the length and the width of the given wall segment immediately. This method can work faster and more precise in cases you have no clear view (the room is too big, or there are many obstacles blocking the view etc.).


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