Selecting any drawing element after activating this tool, you can watch and set its special properties.

Most drawing elements can store properties like alphanumeric parameters or in many cases even photos of the particular wall or drawing element. Click the Properties icon first, then tap the particular drawing element on the screen to access its properties. A properties window appears that shows the list of properties and their current values. Tapping any of the values switches it to edit mode where entering the new value is simple and available.

There are two specialties in case of setting property values:

  • by image properties tapping the image button in the actual line brings up the currently attached image. If there is no image yet, a gray camera icon appears. Tapping the current image or the camera icon the iPad's camera turns on, and allows making and then attaching a snapshot from the current view into the particular property.
  • by inherited parameters like wall height (defined by the room) the property is read only by default. To detach the inheritance the blue flag before the property has to be tapped, which makes it gray and the property editable.

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