Bottom toolbar: Floor Plan View

Floor plan view

The floorplan view allows the freehand drawing of a room polygon (just draw like you were drawing on a paper with a pencil), and also after the sketch, the software will recognize the floor plan's corners and walls. OrthoGraph always works on one room at a time, therefore one polygon can be created at a time related to each physical structure element.

After the sketch-and-recognize phase you can measure the walls and other details in your drawing. All changes you make relfets immediately on the screen giving you a perfect feedback and allowing you to make corrections if needed. The result will be a precise and correct floor plan.

Still in this view you can add doors, windows and objects (furniture) and save the results to Dropbox, or send via e-mail.

There is also a 3D mode available wher you can make a virtual walktrough within your freshly created floor plan in 3D on the spot.

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