Project selector

The first step is to create a project. The first time you open OrthoGraph Architect, you will see one project called “New project 1″. You can access the project list on the top right corner on the top status bar.

After pressing the project button you have the project list, where you can modify the name of the project. For this you have to press the Edit button on the top right of the project window, or you can add a new project with pressing the + sign left to the Edit button. You can also delete any project, but you can leave this project window only if you have at least one project open. The delete function is available while editing the project list, left to the project name there is a dash (-) sign. After pressing this, a Delete button appears on the right side of the project name. If you are not in edit mode, you can make this button appear by swiping your finger to the right or left on the name of the project you want to delete.

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