OrthoGraph Cloud info

In the top right corner, you can sign in to your Orthograph Cloud account. If you are not a user yet, than with the "sign up" button you can create an account.

Using Orthograph Cloud have great benefits.
You can save your projects to the cloud, and if you have Pro or Business subscription (free for the first month during the introduction period) all uploaded states of the projects will be stored automatically. These versions can be retrieved anytime giving you additional safety.

As a Pro customer you can share your uploaded projects (even old versions!) with other Pro customers, and then these files can be further developed independently. As a Business customer you get even more: the real collaboration with your colleagues. You can survey the same building the same time with a group of surveyors working on the same project / drawing.

For more information visit: http://cloud.orthograph.net/

Video tutorials to OrthoGraph Cloud:

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