Place Window

This tool allows the placement of windows into walls. To place a window first set its properties at the bottom of the screen, then tap the containing wall in the desired position. After placing a window it can only be moved within the wall.

Before an exact measurement you can change its position by activating the window tool, and tap the window. Now swiping your finger you can move the window to another position. You can also resize it by activating the move corner function from the drawing toolbar tapping one endpoint of the window and swiping your finger alongside the wall. Please watch our related video.

For moving it to its accurate position, use the survey tool. To adjust the placement of a window, choose one of the window’s corners then survey its distance from another corner of your drawing. The most accurate measurement can be achieved if you can measure it from one of the corners of its containing wall.

To measure the width of a window simply select its two endings using the survey tool, and enter the measured distance. The changes will be reflected instantly on the floor plan. You can open its property sheet, and enter the width to the width field, and you can also modify the major properties of the wall openings in the pop-up toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Also here in the property sheet can you customize it. Editing the property sheet you can select between simple casement, you have double, hooper and fixed window, all in wood and plastic material.

Changing the type is easy, chose the property tool, tap on the opening, and on the sheet tap the Type field. Now you can choose the desired one from the list.

In the same sheet you have the field Direction, that lets you change the opening direction, if it is opening inwards or outwards, and if it matters also the left and right dimension.

Additional to the width and position of doors and windows the system can store many more properties (parapet etc.) with them, even a photo can be made of the view of the window or the door.


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