Upload through Dropbox or Box

Upload to Desktop via Dropbox or Box

When you are done with your floor plan, or just want to transfer it in its current state to your PC or Mac for further processing, then you can do it with the use of cloud services like Box and Dropbox.

By the first time you try to do it an authorization window will be displayed. Here you can link OrthoGraph Architect to your Box or Dropbox account, which information will be stored on you iPad for later use.

After linking OrthoGraph Architect to you Cloud storage account a window requesting a file name is displayed. First choose the required service and file format, than simply enter the name you wish to give to the current project without any extension, and then tap OK or the hide keyboard button on the bottom right corner of your iPad.

The Supported file formats are the following:

1. SRVD OrthoGraph’s own file format, usable together with the CAD conversion tools. This format can be converted to Google SketchUp or can be read using ArchiCAD Import Module.
2. JPG or PNG file format exporting the current view of OrthoGraph Architect. It has a fixed resolution of 768×910 independently of using OrthoGraph in Landscape or Portrait mode.
3. PDF – a Room-book in PDF file format containing the whole floorplan, and all locations with its properties and objects respectively.
After uploading the particular file a confirmation window is displayed about its success, and also detailing the possible usage of the uploaded file.

4. IFC – IFC is the standard of professional CAD communication. OrthoGraph creates IFC 2×3 files directly on the iPad



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