Leica Compatibility

OrthoGraph Architect supports several Leica laser distance meters available on the market. Only the iPad models supporting Bluetooth 4.0 are compatible with modern distance meters with native connection. We recommend to use the following iPad devices if you want to connect a laser distance meter:
  • iPad Air
  • Air 2 
  • Mini
  • Mini Retina
  • Mini 3
  • iPad 4

The following Leica laser distance meters are natively supported:
  • Leica Disto D2
  • Leica Disto D110 (E7100i in North America)  
  • Leica Disto D510 (E7500i in North America)
  • Leica Disto D810 Touch

On the following video you can see how to connect a laser distance meter to OrthoGraph:

And here you can learn how to measurre with a laser distance meter after connecting it to OrthoGraph:

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