Where to find?

When you are looking for information regarding OrthoGraph, there are several platforms to find useful material. Let us sum up shortly what and where you can find.

-First of all you can find several support material inside the app:
  • If you click on the little blue hat in the top menu, you will find a 9 pages long tutorial where you can read about the first steps use of OrthoGraph.
  • You can also click on the little question mark icon int the bottom right corner to browse in the knowledge base or send a message for us.
-You can find several video tutorials on the OrthoGraph YouTube Channel: YouTube training Channel.

-We created a few Prezi presentation for you:
-On our website, there is a support page, where you can find a video tutorial and detailed description about every tool, just click on the tool you are interested in: support page with built in videos

-If you cannot find what you're looking for or you would like to contact then you can write  to our user forum: OrthoGraph forum

- If you need file samples then go to this page and you can download them: sample files

-You can also find useful materials and fresh news in our blog: OrthoGraph blog

- You can also request a live demo from us where we show you the software and answer your questions via skype, if you are interested, you can apply here: live demo

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