My Leica Disto 810/910 disconnected and i cant connect it again.

It has came to our attention that Leica Disto 810 and 910 suddenly disconnects. Symptoms like flickering of the Bluetooth sign and the flashing device name in the add laser distance meter menu. 

If this should occur, there are a few things you could try to fix it.

First try to disconnect your distance meter from your iPad.
- Exit OrthoGraph
-Open your iPad settings menu 
-Select the Bluetooth  settings
- Look for your Leica's name 
-If a small blue "i" in a circle appears next to its name tap on it.
-Select forget device
-Wait for disconnection
-Restart all your devices

If this fails to work or the blue "i" does not show in your Bluetooth settings, then you may need to change the way your devices communicate, please follow these steps to do so.

-Disconnect your devices either through OrthoGraph or through your Bluetooth settings.
- Press the FUNC button on your Leica D810/910.
- Tap on the settings ( cogs) at the bottom left corner of the screen.
- Wait for the screen to change.
- Tap twice on the WIFI/Bluetooth settings button at the top right corner of the screen.
- Wait for the screen to change
- Select the Bluetooth symbol ( red frame should appear)
- Tap on the Bluetooth settings at the bottom right corner of the screen. ( Bluetooth symbol with a cog)
- Wait for the screen to change 
- Select either the number export ( the green icon with numbers on it ) or the Leica export (red icon)
- Tap the back button twice at the bottom left corner of the screen. wait for the sand glass to appear
- Try reconnect with iPad and see if it solved te issue.

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