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    _SDK_ commented  · 

    I see operation improvements in the new version. Thank you.

    _SDK_ commented  · 

    Also, This forum should be fully accessible as the other one is. To go to two separate places to make comments and post screen shots does not encourage interaction with your user base. Also, I actually came here first to post my "bug" but when I signed in, I got the error that my e-mail address was invalid but realized today that I was signed in anyway... posting SS via the message link. Other users should all be able to see all posts to avoid redundancy re: the same troubles. No one else can see what is posted (i.e. screenshots) via the messages link

    _SDK_ commented  · 

    Thanks Adam, will forward screen shot.
    I understand the other forum was hacked... you should post a notice there re: the hacking + a new link or just take it down. The older users with that address and new people there by other old links (as myself) can easily get the impression that Orthograph is currently unresponsive.

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    _SDK_ commented  · 

    Reposted from the original forum>

    UPDATED: Update to 10.2... 10.0 No Longer On App Store ???
    by Steve koontz » June 15th, 2015, 9:49 am
    EUREKA !!!

    Problem Solved… somewhat....I got the update but...

    Last night, out of frustration, the wine, or, probably that Laszlo made me feel Orthograph would continue to support if I had trouble, I deleted Orthograph Architect from my iPad.
    When I went back to purchases, the new version (10.2.1) was there for download.
    I downloaded it and it ran.

    The problem now is that I had 6 projects in various states from the last year that were lost.
    I tried the "Orthograph Cloud" from my desktop and it showed that there were still test projects there from last year.
    When I tried to sign on from my iPad it was not allowed.
    I exported all my projects in IFC and DXF so I can still reference that older work.
    I just can't fix the parts that were not complete in Orthograph due to app problems or, update them without starting over.

    The app seems to be responding much better with the little playing around I did.

    Specifically, the rotate tool now works as advertised.

    I was also able to join rooms via openings and update if changes were needed. I gave up trying to do that months ago, so... progress.

    My recommendation for supporters that still use Orthograph Architect is that Orthograph allows them a 30 days grace period on "Orthograph Cloud" to make a changeover.

    Better would be to allow an update with the old app in place. That is not working at the moment.

    I will have to wait for a new project to advise any trouble I have but it all seems much better now.

    I get a notice of update this morning and this is what I find:

    Would love to see if you have fixed the rotate tool.
    Any answers ???

    EDIT: 15-06-19
    The U.S. app store still says the old 10.0 and new 10.2 renamed versions are not available.
    It seems since you have renamed the app in the app store the app store no longer recognizes my purchase.
    I do see that "Empty" in the U.K. store is having the same problem.

    Even if we cannot update there will also be a problem if the iPad has to be reset for any reason.
    It will delete Orthograph all together as all app backups come from Apple's App Store purchase records.

    Please advise as I am anxious to update and, perhaps, finally be able to use Orthograph on a day to day basis.
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    Re: Update ???
    by empty » June 15th, 2015, 10:53 am
    Same here on UK Appstore!

    _SDK_ commented  · 

    I have been posting to this problem in the original forum.
    forum.orthograph.net to no response. This question here was posted from within the app. Why is there two different, open forum pages ??? Very confusing. If it wasn't for the overtime put in by László to help me I would be a nutcase still trying to update.

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